Visitors to the studio built by Lichtner-Aix at the beginning of the 1980s specially to give him the “ideal light” he had always been seeking will readily understand what the artist meant. He himself wrote: “When I built my studio, I had in mind an unspectacular kind of light that would permit me to work all day without the colours being in any way falsified. The usual studio window facing North is unsuitable because the northern light alone is only grey. This grey needs to be enlivened in keeping with the time of day. This means muted light from the East in the morning, a slight warming of the light from the South at mid-day and filtered light from the West in the afternoon. I have in fact succeeded in realizing this, for the lighting in my studio is ideal.”  

Werner Lichtner-Aix's studio is opened to the public in 1989. The studio consists of three floors, the ground floor housing the printing workshop with the lithograph and etching presses and the 1st and 2nd floor comprising the drawing and painting studio with workbench and easel.

Works from different phases of the artist's entire oeuvre are shown in regularly changing exhibitions. 


Current Exhibition

Werner Lichtner-Aix – A Discovery in Pictures


In a comprehensive retrospective the museum is currently showing works from all the artist’s periods of creativity, especially from his early years, which alone are represented by over fifty exhibits comprising oil paintings and works on paper – collages, watercolours and drawings – that testify to Werner Lichtner’s fascination and captivation from the very first moment he discovered the beauty and charm of Provence...    


A stroll through the three floors of the museum will not only familiarize visitors with the work of Werner Lichtner-Aix but also enable them to rediscover Provence as seen through the eyes of this gifted artist.    


The exhibition will be complemented by a selection of prints and sculptures.



Opening times:

1st May – 15th October

Wednesday to Saturday from 2.00 to 6.00 pm

Closed Sunday to Tuesday and on public holidays