After unusual weeks

ENFIN - finally we can open the museum doors again, on 15 July 2020 the time will come!

In this now very shortened season, we are showing works from the early years, from the time when Werner Lichtner-Aix discovered Provence for himself, in which caricature is always to be found in his painting, in which deserted village squares fascinate him as much as the colourful hustle and bustle on 14 July, the French national holiday. But also pictures from the later years, landscapes reduced to the essentials, sky and light images that make you forget time and space.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear friends of the Musée Werner Lichtner-Aix.          

I cordially invite you and look forward to your visit.
You will have the opportunity to discover a variety of new aspects.
With kind regards
Monique Lichtner-Lubcke

Musée-Atelier Werner Lichtner-Aix 
Rue Saint Roch
84830 Sérignan-du-Comtat
+33(0)4 90 70 01 40
Wednesday to Saturday from 14 - 18 o'clock until 15 October
Closed Sunday to Tuesday and on public holidays                                     
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We still offer personal guided tours by appointment. Group visits are limited this year.
Further information is available on request.